The Proboscis Beach Club (TPBC) is an artwork-based NFT project, built on the Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain network. There are 5,400 hand-drawn authentic characters, each uniquely generated through our system. We aim to create an ecosystem that lavishes its owners with social, financial, and mutual benefits. We democratize our NFT to become accessible to the general public by creating an NFT that is:

  • Secure
  • Benefits & buy-back guaranteed
  • Innovative


TPBC also has a backbone project, TPBC Venture Capital, which will be the wheels to keep our project running, keep our members happy, and support our roadmap activation.

TPBC Rarity Rankings

For the 1st Gen we provide a Total  5,400 TPBC NFTs, -1% for Air Drops (54 NFTs), the amount that you can mint is 5,346 TPBC NFTs

Our Team


Founder | Marketing
TPBC Team 100% D11 The mastermind. Running TPBC while chugging down his favorite whiskey, Jameson! "Please crack open a new bottle, bartender..."


Co-Founder | Finance
In charge of finding gem spots for the Probos to party and get wild, as well as the funds-bender... God of rewards disbursement. "Our Probos deserve the best"


Community | Parthership
Loves to play Gamefi & the ultimate NFT collector. Aiming to grow the NFT community! "NFT stands for nifty fu**ing t*ts, lol"


Blockchain Tech Lead
01101001 01101101 00100000 01100101 01111000 01101000 01100001 01110101 01110011 01110100 01100101 01100100
"Do you know what he's saying?"


Lead Game Dev
The best game producer. That's where he's running towards! "But, I just gave this character 2 left arms.."


Lead Artist
Is there any gym created to swole your fingers? Because he needs it badly. "My fingers are curling after drawing all them Probos.."


Our Private Sale price is 0.75 AVAX (fee excluded) – Sold Out

Our PreSale price is 1.25 AVAX (fee excluded) – in February

Our Public Sale price will be announced soon!

We have no limitation for now if there are any changes in the regulation, we will announce it!

Private Sale: “SOLD OUT” in less than 24 hours at 23 Dec 2021, thank you Probos!

Presale: February 2022

Public Sale : TBA

For the 1st Gen we provide a Total  5,400 TPBC NFTs, -1% for Air Drops (54 NFTs), the amount that you can mint is 5,346 TPBC NFTs

  • Rich Monkey 1%, 
  • Upper Class 15%, 
  • Middle Class 19%, 
  • Lower Class 26%, 
  • Working Class 37%
  • Special Partnership  1%
  • Airdrop 1%

We set our complete Road Map for the next 3 – 5 years. As our current stage is the first “Genesis”, we will announce our Road Map in each “Genesis”. you can check for more details of TPBC Road Map in our GitBook (backlink to GitBook)


Alpha Genesis – 1 : December 2021-April 2022

  • Private Sale: SOLD OUT
  • Presale: February 2022
  • Public Sale 1: TBA


We won’t stop here as we still have multiple chapters in store. The TPBC journey is only starting. We will update our next roadmap when the Alpha Gen is already completed, stay tuned probos!



Beta  –  Roadmap TPBC Genesis – 2

Gamma  –  Roadmap TPBC Genesis – 3

Zeta  –  Roadmap TPBC Genesis – 3

Eta  –  Roadmap TPBC Genesis – 4

Theta  –  Roadmap TPBC Genesis – 5

Iota  –  Roadmap TPBC Genesis – 6

Kappa  –  Roadmap TPBC Genesis – 7